Textes réunis par Ginette Katz-Roy et Stephen Rowley


  • Lawrence on the One and the Many: “Reflections on the Death of a Porcupine”, Michael Bell
  • Lawrence, Newton and Einstein, Leo Salter
  • Lawrence’s Univocity, Beatrice Monaco
  • The Notions of Reality and Unreality in D.H. Lawrence, Milena Kovačević
  • The Influence of Eastern Initiatory Rites in WomeninLove, Kyoko Kay Kondo
  • A Heterogeneous Identity: The Case of the Etruscans, Dimitar Angelov
  • How to be Black and Blue – or, Shedding Darkness on the Construction of “Bavarian Gentians”, Stephen Rowley
  • Split Identities in D.H. Lawrence’s Writings of the Mexican Period, Magali Roux
  • Dissolving and Reconstructing Meaning in TheLostGirl, Noëlle Cuny
  • Couples and Doubles in WomeninLove, Marina Ragachewskaya
  • Hamlet, ‘Amblet and Amleto: Lawrence’s Singular and Plural Dane, Peter Preston
  • Snake, Snakes: At the Water-Trough / In the Silverware Drawer, Keith Cushman
  • A Trio of Triangles: the Role of Individuals and Triangles in Relation to Death in Lawrence’s Trilogy: “The Fox,” “The Captain’s Doll” and “The Ladybird”, Helen Baron
  • From the Individual to the Universal in D.H. Lawrence’s Poetry and Narrative, Carla Comellini
  • Revising “The Spirit of Place”, Laurence Steven

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