Textes réunis par Ginette Katz-Roy et Stephen Rowley


  • Nettling Authority: Lawrence’s Reaction to Censorship in his Late Poetry, Bethan Jones
  • The Hand of the Law: Lawrence and Censorship, Sheila Choudhury
  • Law and the Novel: D. H. Lawrence and Robert Musil, Michael Bell
  • Lawrence and the Antinomian Thrust in Modernism, Cornelius Crowley
  • Via negativa: Lawrence and the Language of Romanticism, Kyoko Kay Kondo
  • (R)evolutionary fears and hopes in The White Peacock, Noëlle Cuny
  • Lawrence, Blair Hughes-Stanton, and the Cresset Press Birds, Beasts and Flowers, Keith Cushman
  • Perspective and Distortion as Modes of Representation of Power and Rebellion in D.H.Lawrence’s “Introduction to these Paintings”, Brigitte Macadré
  • Towards the “sacred responsibility of authority”: D. H. Lawrence’s Kangaroo, Marija Knežević
  • Lawrence and the Environment; the Poetics of Honesty and Despair, Leo Salter
  • Creating a History: The Case for Lawrence as a Civilian War Writer, Carl Krockel
  • Langston Hughes Discovers D.H. Lawrence: The Armenian and Other Examples of Influence, Matthew McNees
  • Book Review
  • Contributors

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