Textes réunis par Ginette Katz-Roy et Stephen Rowley


  • Is Lawrence a Moving Writer, and Does it Matter?, Neil Roberts
  • Literature Versus Philosophy, Juliette Feyel
  • The Fallacy of Understanding”: D.H. Lawrence’s Emotional Logic in Fantasia of the Unconscious and Apocalypse, Divya Saksena,“
  • The Ritualization of Emotions in Quetzalcoatl and The Plumed Serpent, Shirley Bricout,
  • “Le coeur a ses raisons….”: Lawrence, Logic and the Life of Feeling, Michael Bell
  • Same-Sex Desire, Cross-Gender Identification and Asexuality in D.H. Lawrence’s Early Short Fiction, Howard J.Booth
  • Logic and Emotion In Lawrence’s Late Literary Criticism, Peter Preston
  • “We have to hate our immediate predecessors”: Lawrence and Galsworthy, Keith Cushman,
  • Law, Love and “Logic” in Study of Thomas Hardy, Kyoko Kay Kondo
  • Reading Modernist Fiction as War Testimony:The Case of D. H. Lawrence’s “Nightmare”, Carl Krockel
  • The Illogical Logic of Emotion in Women in Love, Brigitte Macadré
  • Emptying and Filling: a(n) (Il)logical Poetic Representation of Emotions, Elise Brault
  • The Flowing of Emotion, Sentiment and Ressentiment in The Trespasser, Olga Desiderio
  • On the Rocks: Women (and Men) in (and out of) Love, Monica Latham

2011 – 318 pages – Format : 14,5×20,5 cmi

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