Textes réunis par Ginette Katz-Roy et Stephen Rowley


  •  Erotic Images and Structures of Feeling, The Challenge of D. H. Lawrence, Simonetta De Filippis
  • Sensitive Awareness and Spurious Feeling: Lawrence the Reviser and Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Laurence Steven
  • Colour Emblematics and Chromotherapeutic Emotion in the Paintings of D. H. Lawrence, Erik Martiny
  • D. H. Lawrence’s Apocalyptic Anger, Barbara L. Miliaras
  • The Way to a Fish’s Heart: Non-Human Emotion and Emotional Tone in Birds, Beasts and Flowers, Sarah Bouttier
  • The Logic of Love: Deconstructing Eros in Four of D. H. Lawrence’s Short Stories, Marina Ragachewskaya
  • Emotion and the Unconscious: The Mythicization of Women in Sons and Lovers, Nina Haritatou
  • Lawrence’s “Best Adventure”: Blood-Consciousness and Cornwall, Jane Costin
  • The Englishman Who Rode Away: D. H. Lawrence “Translates” Italy, Maria Cristina Consiglio
  • “Going to Lawrence for feeling”: A Study of The Princess, Natalya Reinhold
  • Emotions and Otherness in D. H. Lawrence’s Mexican Fiction, Magali Roux
  • Lawrence and the Ideology of Emotion, Nicholas Growse
  • Losing the Self: Transgression in Lawrence and Bataille, Alfie Bown

2012 – 284 pages – Format : 14,5×20,5 cm
isbn : 978-2-84016-111-0 – Prix : 17€
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