Textes réunis par Ginette Katz-Roy et Stephen Rowley


  • Notes on “Life” in Language: D. H Lawrence’s Erlebte Rede, Michael Bell
  • The “Thingness” of the Quick, Elise Brault-Dreux
  • Language and Communication in The White Peacock, Jacqueline Gouirand
  • The Poetic Voices of Love Poems and Others, Keith Cushman
  • Adjectives and Anti-Imperialism in Lawrence’s Poetry, Sarah Bouttier
  • The Russian Pigeons in the Groves of Eastwood, Natalya Reinhold
  • Art and the Spirit of Place: D.H. Lawrence Translates Giovanni Verga, Maria Cristina Consiglio
  • Aspects of Lawrence’s Style Revealed by “The Back Road”, Helen Baron
  • Stripping the Veil of Familiarity from the World: D.H. Lawrence’s Art of Language in “The Border-Line”, Brigitte Macadré
  • No Dancing Matter: The Language of Dance and Sublimation in D.H. Lawrence, Marina Ragachewskaya
  • Twilight of the Aristocrats: Foreign Words in Women in Love, Juliette Feyel
  • Borrow and Lawrence, The Language of Seduction and the Seduction of Language, George Hyde
  • From D.H. Lawrence to the Language of Cinema: Chaste Sacrifices in The Woman Who Rode Away and Picnic at Hanging Rock, Romy Sutherland

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